it’s time to spend time to say

It is time to spend time to say because it is necessary to see that everything happens immediately and that after it is too late to try to find what is lost from the moment when the hour is fundamentally sterile one can not anything Build on sand because the evidence is fatal which shows how much I can begin to believe in me because what I like most is to have time to do nothing because after understanding that I am On the table of operations and that in this universe of precision I am obliged to see that everything that comes out is led into the room which is under the room with a space of well-being because for me luck wants me to be destined by An authority that makes decisions to one day become the one through whom one finds all his plan which begins with a lot of reasons that one can not use because here it is the complete change because one does not have time to leave In a personal sense, because everything becomes collective, which gives me a t Onne of questions like that of being able to say it without constraint whereas there in the present situation I see what I know and for that I try to want to continue but what is embarrassing is to bring crates of dirt why go But seeing that this is the moment to make people understand that everything is done in a way that I know that everything that can happen in a time that I do not control because we live it enough enough Slow that which I find disturbing because for me the stimulus must arrive one day but as it is to believe in all that I continue to close the intention and to break days in a thousand pieces so that it begins to want to go through Of the famous indecisions which are said to be present but also with an intention validated by the Maque but then we do it in the certainty to come to believe I am on the plane that announces the world with what I do and what I ‘Hope to have in tê A hope that feeds on nothing precise but with what begins to say I think it’s time for me to alert the full so that it is put in a fragility what I think right away with a time Who happens to believe that everything is the same with what begins to play the piano we have something to go for that but also for us what turns to the arrival of a cloud as to say yes to all those who go up but with Also days that are there in a technical scheme like to give me a firm intention to clarify the situation then as to apologize for killing the bread, I then devote my free time to direct the paper that was lacking for the elaboration Missing days

it’s time to spend time to say

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