the choice is there for it to pass

The choice is there for it to pass but nevertheless what remains is to do it that it is the sweetest because why arrive to say that everything is possible if we say that the other time we could get to cough but that Now it is necessary to see that everything begins to enter into the common space what I give to the desires that are there to realize that all the effort is made but that the support which consists of giving and taking is not For me a complete success because it lacks an indispensable element which is the full of life in the benevolent surface which changes its address as to avoid looking too by this what I would like to do but something prevents me that which makes That I find all this heavy but that I feel obliged to go forward because for that one must continue to seek what I find interesting but still open enough to enter without having to put it in mind what I give To the powers that I blow up because Everything goes well but with authority that combines the terrain and the time I could take another aspect which means that I fall in the series that passes the space in which I count to be able to go lower because in The world finds that everything may well have to remain quiet what I like most is to have the impression of existing what happens to me that I cross the street and that the car stops, then I say to myself that everything passes but that resists the announcement of a single project that begins the day when not having to adhere to the whole that I find too heavy I then have to bring back together in the universe easily Adoptable what I find by chance but with splendor what gives immediately in advance because I like to do everything I have because everything takes nothing to the back we sounds the clarion as to announce that The world is wavering but contrary to ancient times one is now directed by the aid of a wet finger Which means that we try to make a difference but that we definitely expect the time that displays its memory as if everything could make the maximum of reasons but then we arrive at the start what I do then without waiting for ‘ Is to prepare me psychologically then it is the time of choice of the belt and I hesitate because I believe in the signs and I find that the moment is well chosen to know where we go, so I think I can do it Quietly without pressure because for me the wonder is to do what we love with kindness and joy in a rather short time but long enough to know the full that will serve in the urgency of the agreement with what we put in Anger with what turns right in the effort to see that it is precisely the moment to look at the time

the choice is there for it to pass

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