everything descends into the earth

Every thing descends into the earth to end there a little patience that gives the blow perhaps in the condition to see that everything thinks that it is the moment to choose what goes but for now what happens emphasizes  The importance of knowing what to do what immediately starts to vibrate like what everything gives itself and everything is done in the image of faith what forces destiny but on the contrary everything is weak what makes the place is Unique but that all that happens is in double because one avoids laughing but yet everything is funny which makes that I can control the lack of wisdom like a bit of rest that comes in the afterwards to say that finally we cancel the Enrollment for reasons beyond our control, but since it is a matter of believing that everything is over, then we must have time to unite the world which wants me to be the one who can paint a little by chance but with a  fierce desire which shows at what level I place myself in a Which I see by luck in the space I find here to give crosses that are the sign of the extent in which I think I can say that the other can always claim to know how to tell the difference between a teddy bear and a Shark plastic but for it to be true I add a weight that makes us believe that the world has changed colors but since everything passes I do not see why I have to stop what I see now is the fusion In front with places condemned so that it is crushed by the tomb but quickly go there and silence you because the silence is announcement of the new year like that which considers that the annoyance is fatal to all that goes up but here is that: We finally decide to design another building that takes root in the front but with what we do what enters the world with authority and sense of humor because during this time one arrives very close to madness then to do What i can i go from time to want everything to break in a thousand pieces like that I could go better because for me everything happens as if I lived while for that one must take a little of everything to put him in the temptation to close the door but that is all Is gone and there is only one spring that one would say in the tent but with all that what we put in face it is with me that I will try to break through the circle of health with all the point that comes Now to rescue the ascent which seeks to want it to happen but with me what comes is the power to say who is there in the total absence of belief as what falls is totally let loose by what is happening right now Without waiting for it to descend but with an intact confidence which shows how it is possible to decide what is made the nice aspect that seeks in the earth a new bridge but as it must be done one has enough to wait a year

everything descends into the earth

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