the life is gentle except whent it is

The life is gentle except when it is doubtful because the moment is chosen so that it is put in the direction that one can not avoid of the blow it is the blow that leaves first and softly one does what one can to take part To the action but as it is a matter of seeing that precisely one expects too long that that determines the moment to think that everything happens but decidedly one waits for that to come and when it comes one assists impotent to the destruction of the piece Of sugar as evidence that melts on the table but as it is to make believe that everything here is better than elsewhere as everything thinks wrong that the solution is obvious but as we see reality as it should be because Since this moment I notice that everything must be arranged in the direction of the hair that we want to put in mind what should be right but since it is a question of seeing that the system is old what I want to understand but as it is, Is the world I know Ais who enters first I have to dig more to realize that it is time that does everything and that I do nothing if not a few sentences that I throw to envy but that it Come back for that it is rather that which astonishes me because for years I think enormously what gives me a heaviness in the action and as it is to see that interest is provided with the element what I See immediately as being a fairness what I then say to understand that everything is done in this set that I want to lose once to say to all those who will wait until I am elsewhere because lack can give me tricks I see that to go there will have to make a great tour because since I came last time it was necessary to catch a little more than that but around five o’clock I got to no longer understand that everything is special as what everything can well To prepare for anything that does not prompt me to understand why i One must be careful not to insist as what drags before falling to the ground but as it is a matter of seeing all the possibilities I can not concentrate on a particular point of the blow I think to take a step back because being Given the main function of the activity in the creation of qualitative suspense like what I breathe gently so as not to know what it does because I can say now the little hope always comes to ask me how it goes and then it renounces to make it More because for me life is beautiful so I can not tell the difference between generosity and affection what gives me a peace in which I find that everything is crazy but there in the hope of staying alive long enough

the life is gentle except whent it is

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