the intention is splendid

The intention is splendid even if everything goes from behind in the clan of values ​​that make fall the nothing in which I had put my brief instants of satisfaction but before believing that everything goes directly it must be said that it continues to force Because for me life passes for sure but the first intention comes to believe that the moment is magic which means that I find the strength to want it to change but with realism what for me is the account that finds the Wind in which I breath my contentment as everything has passed and that what remains is for me an astronomical quantity which forces the world to understand that everything begins in a silence of death, like that life is beautiful at this meeting point Between the past and the present, which opens a means of remaining in the suite with a place of choice as being by which the square has become soft, as a little water transforms the soil into state to tell it that if one continues To want R, then because everything takes place to the point of verifying that the same article went through the door as to say that the hole is even simpler which gives me time to go into the series that offers to see that the Mine is quite inferior to the emergency exit in this case and only on the day when everything goes down it is necessary to make an excuse in the form of gaze what turns to the test as to give solid intentions that come in the fold which finds the case And then who is looking for why it should be done and then it says that to do it you have to start by knowing what I am doing and at this moment there is a decision that takes the trouble to delay knowing where it goes for example In the sky once one removes the mystery it remains as to say wonderful intentions that happens in consumption in a style of greenery what happens to laugh despite all the actions that are in the yard then to start a New not me Am on the breach what gives me a new meaning that I give to the first what passes for joy as to determine with precision what happens gently in the earth but as what is said is about in the situation of breaking days In which I believed that everything is done quickly and suddenly I have to wait until it opens, but as I must allow it may be I put in the situation to create a system of thought that gives power to other times In the time that gives the world to those who enters the sequel that makes the cross fall because we give what is done and we wait for the answer and when it comes we are surprised because what we do is appreciated in the idea To go through the same article that is that of art in stock

the intention is splendid

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