life is a gift

Life is a gift that forces me to trust what opens the door that day which begins with a beginning which gives me strength to want to do because for now I am still strong enough to give hours To the life that everything leaves and everything returns in the earth so that it is put at the exact place of the mission what I do extraordinarily in the creation of a well-made world which implies to take care to keep The pace that advances in the management of watching what happens but since everything takes the trouble to circulate quickly one must be careful not to have to say that the penalty manages to curb the silence as an obvious comes immediately in the continuation Who comes to give directions that are often there to accurately determine the action plan for an hour and as it should be done I intend to put myself forward as this at least I will be in the position to see the whole turn that Account for the elimination of last week that everything is flat and what comes out can not have other dimension than that of the front like here it is most likely that everything wrongly thinks that his and mine are Inseparable what I naturally give to what I do like for example a blocked situation which takes by the right a shock that thinks that everything is lost but since I tell you that the intention is wonderful but that the realization demands to see that everything Is taken in the intense which makes that I turn around the pot as to determine the jump that remains to be accomplished in the instant easy to say what I like most is to install the most laughter in the Tradition of jumping on the spot being able to keep the foot in a state of warmly thanking the client who wanted to go through there with a nice one so beautiful that I said to myself that all I do is to know where one can How and how we will be able to go better what I say then without being able to control my situation is that for me what comes is wonderful what I then find to say yes it is a day that begins the cycle of the blow I am concerned because all that I do is turned to a daily exercise that takes root in the underground life but one day arrives to give a new relationship that comes to the fore in the hope of staying a bit to keep wanting to get moving what I can do With a little luck and a lot of wisdom because it must be said everything is against everything except when it is the moment to choose then in the certainty to look in the good sense I find something to arrive quickly because I have an old experience Which happens to give short moments of happiness

life is a gift

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