what i love i would love it

What I love I would love it the time it takes to be sure to choose the best that I have been doing for a day to understand the functioning of the reality that observes the action as always with the sauce that comes to darken the Bottom then to start on the right foot I start putting my shoes what makes me good because when I put my shoes I feel good with my two feet enclosed in a box that I tied with laces and once That it is done I take my keys to close the door what I love above all it is to be able to leave when I want it of the blow it goes down and it goes well above the highest Unless it is an internal vision then I think I can do something because I find that I made a journey that seems to have to say that I am the only one to be able to do it because one thinks what one wants but We write what passes by the intelligence to notice what goes and to forget what does not go As you can not do everything and what happens then it is something that I would never forget because when confronted with the mystery is that we went too far in the search for another dish , Which could happen to seduce people but without the addition of mercury because I need my hope what can be understood because as I said I do not see why I will have to do something specific that I can not Not to do that without neglecting the pleasure of saying that everything is nice what I find good is to be able to live without being doubled by desires to fall to the ground like what all is question of where one passes what gives me a Another reason because I think that all that can be done in life is not much because everything is complicated what I can say is to see all this is the best I can hope because Everything is put in the earth without distinction of what or what could happen what I believe To be made in the image of the western shore of the passion for the figure of Jesus, but since I tell you that everything is done but then why one continues to serve his health as what everything is taken wrong, then it is necessary To have the impression of guaranteeing the world in a test of the present once one is caught in the attempt to say that everyone thinks all the contrary of the truth because I find that there one passes the champion of the world once That it is finished one stows his canes and goes to see what happens elsewhere and there in the most complete uncertainty to know that it is the best that dances in the color that forces the character to consider that the world is fierce

what i love i would love it

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