the lack of life corresponds to being

The lack of life corresponds to being put there in the hope to overcome the pleasure that does not continue the road because one gives what I like and here we advance without stopping what I can do then in the emergency c ‘Is to see that the system of thought makes it possible to look at an object and put it in a box that I will give however in the earth but as it is necessary to do it I always start by clearing the space and so it can be put this Which I find for that but insistently what I have to do to land in a cold and icy universe what I have to understand then is keeping the division first what I can do if I have time to To believe in everything that is said once it is time to go towards a conceivable objective as the first element but with what one gives one must also put in normal times verifiable intentions what I can manage to find as A decision made in the drawer far enough from the sidewalk R for that it must be said that the insistence is valid because we find something to go towards a sensitive environment that is far enough from the kindness but with what one can believe is the trick to take its place is There in the moment easy to pass because all that I have to do is to think about what I like so that immediately after one passes a day in which I have to leave a little nose drops for me Feel at ease because what happens in the head is a future that comes by touch in a succession of visions as to tell everyone that I am ready to take my share but as no one comes this way ‘T bother to go straight ahead because I come in a moment to have the world so well that everything that is done then thinks to lean to the right but for me the quality is to provide an example full of chocolate because for me The quantity is to offer the earth a gift of my body because the day arrives where everything will lose U because it is necessary to say what happens in life is a trend that ends in the end, what happens then it is the interruption of a system that I feel leave forever then I can not Not to hold a handkerchief that could fly in the wind but here we arrive it is so fast I have not seen the time spent, and all that is done is to go through there and d ‘Wait for it to come but for this time I am sure because all that I have been able to do in my life comes down to a plan without a spine but an action to please him what I liked is d To be next to her

the lack of life corresponds to being

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