life passes and i remain immobile

Life passes and I remain immobile because all that depends on the addition becomes a wall that seeks a bit by chance to defend what starts to laugh, because we move fast and make a first discovery that is the time to come From behind what for now has come right away but once it’s done you have to wait until the world knows that it is I who does it because for me the drought depends on the thought that falls on the ground And then we do not make the ground any more so that it is done in a state to unite the elements that are scattered in the question that remains after we have done the maximum in the present but here we insist and we do this We can but I love life what I do too bad for me but here I am told to pretend to something else but I am happy like that because everything that happens is not necessarily unique but Here it is said then I agree with you as you make me a sign I must say that the world I intend to pass through my space must not do so by thinking about it, but here we are told so I arrive at the moment when everything separates in a million times, To start with the first one, but it will take me years what I want then it is to make groups of ten, at least it will make it understand but I want to do so I must say but what gets me c ‘Is that after I think of nothing what weighs me is that I am sure of myself but that what happens is not as right as I would like, so I can not claim anything other than Nothing, which gives me an old figure that does not correspond to modernity and as long as I am facing people who do not understand me, it will not go because I think of all those who can not do it but who Would like to do it but since time presses nobody comes to try the experiment and I find myself alone but Then I announce a new element so I sigh of relief and I wait with feverishness what will be announced but at this time there a horde of biker passes in the street and it makes a noise that prevents me d To hear the message of the blow I lean forward to try a last experiment, but it is too late and I must say that this time I am lost because I waited for it to come but now we arrive at the results And I am not ready then I think of something else that no one has yet seen, and there in the period of uncertainty follows an era of overflowing joy

life passes and i remain immobile

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