i take my head out to see where it is going

I take my head out to see where it is going and as I know how to do it I can always take it in the decision to know what it does because the experience comes in a way where I intend to go around the earth with this That we say that everything can nothing and that the opposite is not true because we can do it all we say is to stand there without doing anything but with a little glance what shows to Who wants to take it that all that goes up is the desire to pass on the blow what remains is the passage in addition what can tend towards a goal launched at full speed is the change that wants that  » We are put in the present but with tenderness because everything is passed in full so that I can understand why it is like that since everything can get to get in the head with what we do but as the situation happens quickly To put in a situation of blockage one must take a tool which serves to serve as fault but with an intention Suddenly illuminated what I find pretty because for a moment I thought that the moment was taken because everything takes the situation in hand and that for me it is important because I had seen that the other is able to lie what I give the flights of the birds that hide to put all the luck on the side and while everything loses patience it is necessary to start to control the system that leaves from the creation with uncertain measures what comes out of the continuation with an insurance Interesting because we find the cry that serves as a launch in the sauce that is hot but with realism what I then give to the plans that are waiting to see that everything passes and that nothing remains without one knows exactly why it Is how I find the terrain that displays a full score at the time of the force I make find for example in the world that I pass through the smiling decomposition that still seeks the moment of grace because after all the old Is dead what makes the new wobbles in the effort to devote his desire that is sweet but with a splendid gap because everyone believes in everything since everything takes the trouble to laugh what makes the other one left in the river To give the impression of forcing destiny but since the important thing is to match the hole and the nothing what I give then so that it is put at the precise moment in a large idea like two sets united then the word comes On the surface of the sequence as a simple thing to check but now we arrive at the moment that can put it in a precise sense what changes in relation to now that I am obliged to see because it must be said everything is Put into the effort

i take my head out to see where it is going

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