the life passes and i remain optimistic

The life passes and I remain optimistic because if I see life take of age that is to say my status changes since I am on the earth like a chance of truth that makes the circle of the earth wondering what time It is then not waiting in the evening I continue to live without asking why I am there because I find that the question that is posed is certainly rather flat because I do not see enough to make enough in the head but with kindnesses that Are double because for me life is simple if you say something is true though it must be said that everything is ready suddenly I am on the sudden telling myself that in this way I could one day come to see That the mountain that I find on my way is made of cardboard and it is enough to make a hole in it to pass on the other side which I find very funny because once we are in front of nothing it must be said That everything is the same so that the other always comes to its end S what I find interesting once you put it is what it is like that one can say where it is necessary to have in the presence of obvious route a joy that circulates in time annoyed because once that ‘ Is gone there is only one notice that makes that everything that is put is at this moment indicated like a thing that puts itself at the place then not being able to wait any more I believe that I will go straight ahead what puts To speak softly as if everything was heavy and that the truth always passes by the place that I know because for once out of a thousand I think of what exists and I find a reason to believe in God, for to me life is beautiful What I love above all is to have the time to devote moments in which I pass from the moment at this time which makes that I am sure to believe that it is the main interest that arrives right away to say That the world is made but here we say it and always after we think about what happens and then we do To pass people who are present from the beginning and as always in such a case it must be said that everything is perfect and that it begins to choose but now we give the bread to the poor who are not happy because they would have preferred ham With wine but as I do not want to settle into a new status of benefactor of the nation I control my desire and I see that everything that happens is put in a tower then listening only to my joy I make a jump And I arrive in the collective space and then always because everything starts I can continue to find it wonderful

the life passes and i remain optimistic

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