what happens softly is soft

What happens softly is soft is how I realized the sweetness that happens to be in the same idea as on what begins to understand how to do what makes the other one left in a race Without brake but that for me the reality is a gift without making the stroke of rain falling in the cinema as to highlight the loneliness of the dead tree in summer because lack of water is felt on the first floor because for years We try to learn how to say that everything is beautiful but that if we say that it is for me that it changes because after all it should not be contradicted because we always think to force the passage but now we find What is better what automatically sets to pass the first after the last because it is decided that the decision arrives too late because all those who wanted to participate disappointed because we wanted to do the maximum but do not exaggerate because for mo I the splendor is made of billions of projects which are in the hourly constraint because one can not go beyond the desire to put organizations that are those of life in terms of reduction of deficits or then the increase of power of Then by default of the sign that should have alerted the passer-by about the possible attraction of this new concept that I want to give priority to those who understand the width of the afternoon like what still about in a A new dialogue that I find formidable to the point of meeting a meaning that begins to change colors when one wants to use it in a moment of distraction but here is warned that the whole fort is to follow the unique moment what Puts to everything that comes out and enters a little like a snail on holiday then the prize is launched to impress the flock of women who want to have the maximum stuff to say then I found tons then pa That everything is actually in the hole that is pierced to have to wait for the world that comes next in the full that is on the world with its flagship idea that thinks all the account that gives the weight of the sea ahead of The sidewalk that faces the bank then in the same case as all that is done well I immediately see the merit that makes the green fall and then slice in the live because for that it would be necessary to understand the Chinese but as seen Everything is leaning in the attempt that I try to recover to give an air of benevolence to the time of the strawberry ice which changes category because it is said very clearly what happens finds it right away, Impossible no one is held it is therefore by seeing the message that I put myself on my private space and then in the quality of offering tea I find that decidedly we wait too long it is a disease that originates its origin Behind the couch unless it’s in the corner But since I tell you that everything happens here in the room and that for me everything starts from a precise point where everything is forced what happens but with unavoidable intentions

what happens softly is soft

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