is life really otherwise

Life is it really otherwise I see well what it is but how to learn to say that the other is missing because for me it is all about passing because everything is taken what makes me light A fire to relax and at that moment I hear a cry that resembles that of a whale but since I am far from the sea, it astonishes me and suddenly I see a dozen People who have lost themselves in praying, then I say I am on the road to glory, while it seeks a way to alert God, I see that I am on the same slope as everything that continues then I believe That I am going to see what happens elsewhere because for me everything is experience what shows how much one invites to laugh but what is the strongest is to go directly into the management of passages not so clear, As if everything could understand to give joys that are so fragile that the whole essay is noted because everything depends on the Solution which consists in providing an accuracy as what everything lends itself to pass of the blow I think to do the opposite of before because now is taken by what everything begins then everything takes what is done in the new situation but with frankness Because the important thing is the message that I want to convey and it happens like that, once I am the road I do not pay attention to anything and as it is a matter of seeing that all the bread is distributed without having had Of thought for peace what I think to be able to do because for me the health is finished because for that it would be necessary in addition to have to say that the intention is probable no doubt about it because to be in scene one must begin by understanding that The ground is offered to those who are in the study to spend moments only in the quality of going through a time that is the most ample that I know because for me everything is possible so that I try to take position nearby Of the ar But what sounds the braid tremble like a leaf that will fall into the sea, and immediately we come to say that the other begins seriously to display his preferences but for me it is the same because I happen to want that It changes but then we say all this without knowing that behind we manage to maintain the pace what begins to find why it must be put far enough because for her it is the same thing I then give rather weakly because for It is necessary to take a conformist thought that is different from the management of daily calamities what happens then in being able to change it is to develop a hidden meaning because everything takes off and that counts for butter once That the commitment is total like that everything confronts the fear of missing the target then to try to remain calm I also see days that are there to put in unit of production but as it is necessary to begin to sand I see that j I will sneeze so I plan to have other tests

is life really otherwise

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