one day pretend not to appear

One day pretend not to appear what I am because the most interesting thing in life is to play no longer to know who we are to wake up one morning wondering why we have to do like that because we believe however All the rest and we find an analysis that makes the world pass in a barrel that weighs a ton of the blow I am sure to be able to say because for a moment I had thought to have to wait for the appearance of an angel but now I am only me and that for my life it is simply not to do that but this is not what gives me a pleasure to live without attachment which gives me personal satisfaction as what all s’ Absent to leave the place to the vacuum like this moment that I wait in which I could have a more open feeling like the one that makes say that Wednesday which gives me once again the interest to put it in the Once the witness can make the fur which Leads me to the point where I want to be the sole repository of the truth, but now I am made to have by the authority which wants me to be put in a space lost in advance which gives me a serious disadvantage but as It is to do what one usually does I must say that for me the situation is well in hand so to please the director I count on my fingers to show how I plan to organize the next moment and here I am Finishing my cycle without first having had aggravating circumstances but because it is a matter of believing what I say is why I tolerate the lack of obtaining insignia that serve no purpose since I always say the same Thing which makes that I turn in all the directions and that I am in the series which absorbs the full and that then I control the point to know where I am and when I see that I am at the top of the table c Is as if I were screaming with exaltation but before I end up passing for an exalted, I realize that I am demoted in the opposite vein of the blow I do not understand and I will seek explanations in the green office, and then I see pass desires which are the sign of the End because for me the reality is absolutely unique which shows how agitated to ask a little attention what I have to show to give the appearance of another month what thinks of everything but only succeeds ‘To go around the cross and render inoperative the point of believing in everything that then gives me power over watches that work with water since that’s how we do I say nothing but I do not think less because at that moment I reach the main reactor and I do as much as I can in this order which gives me a little later holes in which I believe I will be able to find a meaning To my particular intention because I believe I have the right to A problem in front of the scene which makes me believe for a moment that I managed to find out why it is always like that but now we arrive at the house

one day pretend not to appear

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