what is simple is to add one word

What is simple is to add one word and then another until the moment when we stop because once it is done one asks a question, and if all that was the wall that laments not to Not having to defend the truth but as it must be done I think to have to say that the world is crazy what makes the violence is small but that the reality is great which gives me a vision that I turn in my head what For once may perhaps persuade me to look in front of me quietly without having anything else to do as for example the full of my chest which makes that I light up the pleasure and that I make understand to the boredom that this n ‘ Is not today that I will take my space to put it in life, because for me the research is fundamentally associated with the other question that is posed gently as not to strike the lack of life because for that it is necessary Just open your eyes and wait for it to move, sometimes it’s long, but there For that one must put something else like a linen shirt, or else a pants clear because that is how I am sure of me because it takes hangers that serve so well that one can say nothing else That to trust the mission for peace to remain in the tradition of seeing that all the paper is destined for the coming in the precise sense of the mother which makes that one can sit in a dialogue which turns almost to the monologue Because after all that summarizes most the new course it is nevertheless necessary to have in this world a little flair, which turns to the advantage of glory as here we say the opposite of the front when it was necessary to have to To make the maximum of relations one must now contain the desire to crush by the majority impression to break plans that are so far away that one gives of what to do always the same installation which shows how far one can get to Give joys that are so free that in a moment of distrac I am in the same state as if in a secluded corner I knew I had seen the old rhythm which understands all that he says with authority and at this moment it is a matter of seeing that the instant comes immediately to regulate his Case and then we can still have a little right even that this is where it happens because for me the vision comes slowly so that I congratulate the winner of the World Cup because for me the important Is to participate what I find unique but with what I give I see that it is the thing that happens right away if one does not come after in the valid intention once everything is settled what I can Put in the interest so that it is only there in the color of dream arrived in the chain but with always a pure blood that comes to make holes in the head with people who are there to leave then reassured by the complete lack of noodles

what is simple is to add one word

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