no doubt the lack is there

No doubt the lack is there and what passes too quickly it is the time that had yet opened the arms but as it is too fast it moves away without being able to catch up because it is a new version Which happens today, because yesterday no longer exists it is replaced by now that is marked by a complete lack of knowing how to live, it is therefore marked as an evidence what shows to what destiny one is connected because the same situation is repeated In a world as cold as an ice cube in summer, but now we get to pass the troubles that were attached to me because I see why I do not advance is that for me reality offers a neutral face So I’m not able to grasp what is happening and I keep missing and I realize it, but I think it’s the natural slope one day I’ll be able to align the Words to be the winners of all categories, but for the moment I What I can and I knot and I unties nuclei of resistance because for once in the life where I spend time to want I do as I want and I witness a catastrophe which makes that I am sure of me When it comes to this what I feel mounted in me is an anger that collapses on the boredom of realizing that one is capable of nothing, unable to move, unable to make laugh, incapable To tell a story, then it happens and it continues as it can being able to just align words without flavors but here comes a distance of a feeling of victory that wants to pass but I see the problems it must Overcome and gradually disappears into molasses, so I tell myself that it is not for today and I continue my small path that is not very difficult just turn on the computer and start to Type on my keyboard, and then we talk about sea, land of the desire to arrive of life in full swing R, and passion for writing because for that I am sure of myself, I like to write, even if it is not to say anything, but at least I can tell myself that in this way I could go better because for I am building my building stone after stone, which is a very long journey but since everything is done for me to be there I have to be there, and that is why I am there, so I I have no problem because even if I am completely dissatisfied with the result I am still glad to be able to say something but now I am told that the time is passing and I have to hurry so that it is complete so I think What I will say now and everyone can laugh because for me it is not easy

no doubt the lack is there

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