what is the happiness of living

What is the happiness of living what is the look that comes to say that everything is full and that the pain is accelerated which means that I find all this in the sequel that happens slowly as to give me time to To perceive everything that completely changes the duty because to be there is to do what is there in the hope of doing everything today and take the lack to put it in the head so that I am always there in the Effort to believe that all I can do is to put my order in my precarious situation because all that comes and yet current what makes that I find everything and that I am in the constraint of going through there Because freedom is elsewhere what immediately begins to run in all the directions which lets me pass to tell the other that I am ready but now an intervention pushes me to wait because I want to see what happens and During this time I’m not ready to go then I doi S return to the foot of the tower in the hope of regaining the first conditions before I was caught by curiosity, and fortunately nothing changed so I start again from the beginning with the hope of not being disturbed as it starts Well and I am sure to be able to get there because I am well prepared and suddenly I am in the optimal condition which makes me happy because after all it is necessary to put in situation what I always do to be in the after Because I see that of course it is necessary to count to the moment when one finds the solution that comes after having understood that everything is positioned by being able to laugh what makes me turn around for a year and then it is necessary to do Quickly because the time runs and so as not to lose suspensive conditions of course you must hear what is said and quickly start a new cycle what I find completely incredible because for me the only time I had to arrive on time This fu T for my wedding what I have to do now is to take a little by chance the style of times I give in general like what is done by this time that I find good because it must be seen that silence is done When the apparition begins, I break into the normal situation and I find everyone installed as if everything was well seen and I am the only one to take a position in a corridor that leads to the next appearance but why do so I have to start circulating quite simply in the coming days to tell me that the price to pay is to see that the effort is conscious what makes me find what to hope and what happens in the cry that Is so strong that sleep at night because after all that is done well it is to leave to the good circulation because after seeing that happiness is there without moving what pleases me because I arrive at the center of my being

what is the happiness of living

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