the moment is chosen

The moment is chosen from millions that are left in the shadows because all that is happening is to do half the arc which can do it by being in the thought of believing the majority feeling when it seems to have At the head a thing that comes from far away but nevertheless we can note something laughable, because we see through the garbage and we drop his glass as to dispel a misunderstanding, I am not the one we believe because for me Essential quality of the time too much concerning the middle of the day like what happens eternally pretty well what I doubt right away because for me the speed comes from the wind because you can always have a little sense but here is ‘We arrive immediately too close then we have to convince the captain to slow down but he absolutely wants to convince him by making a rear wheel and as it is Monday what makes us say stop but here is a movie star, tells us To go elsewhere Which I automatically take as a criticism but hardly can think of what it means to hear a great noise coming from below, but it is so far that one sees nothing but when I see the head The captain, I understand that he has seen what happens below and so I try to spit the truth, but he scrolls and soon I see him jumping into a boat that is there when it goes wrong , And it goes down and then it disappears in the night, we are good but without captain to decide what we will do but there the boat sinks then people panic and I do without water on the Figure because I was a little hot as if my cells were facing a burning sensation because how to do without having the wisdom of a gentleman who knows how to do in this kind of passion to please him because it is about this and I saw that the boat had to make a number worthy of the coming on an island which disappears when the monkey vi Eating olives that are deadly because someone has put poison and in this case they start shouting outrage because the wizard wanted to kill the white woman but I was sitting in my chair trying to choose if I ‘ Was going to look at something or if I was going to put myself in position to succeed in whitening because for me the search went through solid moments which means that I spend time trying to produce a devastating effect what happens next c Is the intervention of the cavalry just before the shepherds are slaughtered by gangsters dangerous for health because we think what we want but see people who walk around to kill other people so I say stop, everything It’s disgusting,

the moment is chosen

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