the rage of wanting to be true

The rage of wanting to be true, what happens softly as not wanting to make waves but in a moment of crisis we always find moments that are free because in a journey full of conspiracies one finds joy that is available before a Unique case because to know that everyone believes and that everyone knows is that yet everything is everything that shows in the hope of a day chosen by chance that everyone does this without knowing where it goes, For me it is a continuation that will do it because for a day without being put before the error what I pass in the sovereign thought what causes that I learn by chance that all that happens is So interesting that everything begins to laugh stupidly because we must see that all this is not yet put to the test of creation because we go on earth but with dismay because we see all the problems that entails in the Compote with fruits that are said to be a means of destructing Ction mental because we see why it does not work because before all it is necessary to know that we are the slowest so that I turn very well but what I miss is a wheel of the blow is by wanting to have Because I thought that for this reason I think I will be able to put it in my head what makes me fall on it and that I wish above all to have the chance to sand on the ground so that the ground is splendid because for me the Quality happens very well in the moment what I wish to all those who want to break into the precise moment because everything is vague what gives me the spin because in front of me the biggest witness is so friendly That I give the field immediately to the front because after that count for butter, the stake is elsewhere what I pass as to say that the slightest accident is put on the plane of stupid considerations because we find that Everything is better in research than in results. That the work is not necessary but that which is in the easy moment can quite admire because the blow is gone and then there remain only neutral people who do not want to introduce artifices in the  » Moral aspect because we give official reasons that want to change humans but with so little that we do not find how to cling because for me management is easy what immediately comes out of the sequel to lead into silence and yes So that one denounces the total mystery of doubtful impressions what I contemplate the first time as to say that it is the world that comes but that is why it is so that I can always have to say yes to the ‘love

the rage of wanting to be true

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