what is the hardest

What is the hardest that is the furthest away from the everyday softness when one agitates so that nothing happens so that one does something without anything happens to be put into action without that It does not produce any effect, and there in the afternoon that begins I am always in the struggle to get luck because it is indeed that when we are able to understand what happens we are always weak so that All that is said is a simple thing that passes easily as one would say what confronts reality with this lack that comes to destroy the plan because one would like to get to push but something stops me Because it is necessary to see the life that passes, that to retain water that flows if not a weight that leaves without ever returning what happens very well according to me is that all that I give it I put it in a reality that offers to be able to do it, it is great to be able to go fast because everything is related what I made that i can continue wanting it’s always what i want to do because for me everything is beautiful what forces destiny to show the way that leads to other parts of life because I doubt what is possible Is to have a chance that drags on without being able to do it, what I know is the power of life when everything is taken and to wait for what I am able to do is to have The thought that turns life into love, what I do is to have the strength to go through days without result because everything is heavy except envy that circulates alone beyond the limits but what Happens then it is the intervention of god that tells me agree you are not innocent but that’s where it becomes interesting because the project is new what places me at the top of the piles and there once I found how to settle I am sure of myself, that is the strongest is to be able to do it, then we say good, it is okay because for me Life passes but what I remember is the desire to pass while everything weighs extraordinarily in one direction as in the other, that’s how we find balance, once we say That everything is poor which gives the feeling that everything starts badly, but that it is in the direction or not, the most serious is to see that everything is stuck in a corner, so that the other can always Want to exaggerate because one realizes the difficulty of doing what is possible because one finds places that are so old that one would like to fall with them, but now one is recovered and one says forcefully, yes to life

what is the hardest

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